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Wijkpraat #02

From the Buurtbrief (Neighborhood newsletter) April 2023, by Lobke

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Kasia (44)

Wolphaertstraat since 2013

This neighborhood became extra fun for me when we were allowed to organize events for our Anika Foundation in the main hall of Dock (now WMO Radar) to raise money for "Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy" (Poland's largest charity organization). In addition, I frequently visit Cafe de Spiegel. A friend of mine works behind the bar there and they have nice parties. I have lived in several places in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Schiedam and Eindhoven, but Rotterdam is the best. It's the people and the architecture but also walking in nature, such as in the Zuiderpark or Kralingse Bos.

Melvin (41)

Gouwstraat since 2017

My favorite place in the neighborhood? That's my house! Haha. But seriously: I like this neighborhood. You have everything in here. The neighbours are nice. And it's always pleasant when there are parties and fairs around the Old Church. Generally speaking, it’s more fun when the sun is shining, but that's going to happen soon. I mostly go about the city center and other parts of South Rotterdam. I'm from Zuid so a lot of friends and family live there. But I am happy that I live in Old Charlois. Also because I have my own house here.

Iwan (18)

Wolphaertstraat (W1555) since 2022

One of my favorite spots in the neighborhood is actually the skate park next to the Maastunnel. It's fun to sit there. I don't skate myself but friends of mine do. I used to live on Noordereiland, but here the people are nicer and more sociable. In addition, more of my classmates live here in Charlois than on Noordereiland. So I feel welcome and at home in the neighborhood. Everything is actually within walking distance: the supermarket, the café, and you can get a nice “kapsalon” just on the corner. With my friends we sometimes go to cafe De Schaapsstal. Of course, it's extra fun there when Feyenoord is playing!

Natalia (45)

Wolphaertstraat since 2022

I am fascinated by the tunnel! The first time I went through the tunnel I felt like a kid in a candy store. It makes you feel like you are traveling through time and in the middle of nowhere. Partly because it’s so old; something that has survived for a long time. It's best when you go on foot. I also enjoy walking along the Maas river. I enjoy the movement and openness and love that you can distinctly see the seasons change. There are also beautiful streets further down the neighborhood. It's like being in the countryside there. In addition, the Old Church and the park behind the MCD; in the spring it is beautiful there. And then on top of that you have the harbor, where you get a bit of a science fiction feeling.

Brihanna (11)

Wolphaertstraat (W1555) since 2021

There are so many things I like about the neighborhood! I love coming to the Primera around the corner because they have a lot of drawing stuff there. I like our street, with the planters and geveltuintjes. But I also like going to the Charlois market. And my classmates live nearby. I'm glad we live at W1555. We have really nice neighbors! That makes it cozy. And cool activities like Halloween. The kids who live here are fun and the little ones are cute. The first time I came to this neighborhood I remember exactly! We had an introductory meeting first. When my dad received a call later that we got the house, we were so happy!

Henk (68)

Charloisse Kerksingel since 2015

My wife and I enjoy visiting Thuis in Charlois (Boergoensevliet 24); a foundation dedicated to the neighborhood. It has recently been housed in this old school building that has been converted into a community center. We work there as volunteers. I am involved in the computer course and the Food Bank there. My wife is active in creative pursuits such as knitting and flower arranging. We both enjoy being busy and doing something for someone else. It gives satisfaction! On Monday, April 3 (2-7 pm) is the grand opening of Thuis in Charlois: please feel welcome! Furthermore, my favorite spot in the neighborhood is our house. It is beautiful living with such a view of the Old Church.

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