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Wolphaertstraat 19

WOLk is a place of awareness, art and togetherness. We want everyone to feel at home at WOLk, so we realise offerings for all kinds of audiences and the tea is always ready! Our programme makers offer classes and events from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds; there is yoga, qigong, breathwork, dancing, constellations, massage, coaching and much more. There is also art; every six months an artist has the space at her/his disposal to address the theme of awareness. Fancy a lesson or a surprising and deepening outing? Are you looking for a space for your event? Or just want to know more? Take a look at WOLk's website for the programme.





Wolphaertstraat 53

We all have a body – each carrying our own stories, identities and perspectives, at CORPO (Julia, Jessica, Noemi) we explore how this connects us and celebrate how it makes us different. We work to facilitate a space where people across artistic disciplines, social & cultural backgrounds, identities, physical & artistic abilities feel welcome. Visit CORPO to experiment, collaborate and learn during our program of classes, events and residencies. We also invite you to come to us with your own ideas and initiatives which are in need of space and support. We wish for the studio to be representative of the wishes and diversity of the neighborhood.


Wolphaertstraat 55

This is the Buurderij op Zuid, a work and project place with and for the neighborhood! Elze, Paula, Hester, Shi, Bjefke and Marieke form a collective of independent city makers and social entrepreneurs. They work from the DIT space at number 55 on their social, green, artistic and/or educational projects in the city, and from here they also organize actions for the neighborhood such as, for example, green façade garden days and sustainable clothing swaps. Follow their instagram account to stay up to date on their activities! Or drop by, the door is open and they are always in for fun ideas or collaborations in the neighborhood or city.

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