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Wijkpraat #01

From the Buurtbrief November 2022:

How do you like the neighbourhood?

Piet (63)

Wolphaertstraat since 2005

When I moved here everyone said: you’re crazy with all those artists! They are peculiar people, but they make the street special. I come from the shipping industry and these people have the same free spirit. I'm really from the South: our own ships were docked at Dokhaven and my grandmother lived here. I feel at home here and rarely go to the centre.


As we speak, Piet is about to move to IJsselmonde: “Unfortunately, I'm leaving you behind, I'm definitely going to miss the street!”

Ieke (45)

Wolphaertstraat (W1555) since 2014

When I moved here I didn’t expect to stay for so long. I used to like the anonymous nature of the city, but now I'm glad that I get to know more and more people in the neighbourhood. I really feel at home here. What I like so much about this area is that it’s unique, and not so hip, yet. I still discover new things along the way.

Aykan (32)

Clemensstraat since 1990

I love living here! I've lived here all my life. It's a village within a big city, lots of social contacts, you know everyone, and there are activities for all ages. I am involved in organising these activities, and I also work as a youth coach in the area – so I’m extra involved in the neighbourhood. I don't have to go to the centre, I’m happy staying here.

Johan (70)

Wolphaertstraat since 1998

I'm happy I live here! It’s a unique street, partly because of the nice W1555 neighbours across the road. I like that it’s becoming greener, and seeing all the children play outside makes me smile. But, the cars drive far too fast – though it used to be much worse back in the day. I’m also looking forward to seeing the artwork on the red wall. I’m curious!

Monica (38)

Clemensstraat since 2016

In principle we’re happy here, we have nice neighbours and it’s really social. It’s nice to live in the historical part of Charlois, too. We think the municipality could make some improvements, for example the container in front of our door, playgrounds full of rubbish, and cars that drive too fast. We were living in the centre, until it became too expensive – but it’s quick to cycle there through the tunnel.

Jelmer (41)

Charloisse Kerksingel since 2016

I feel at home in Oud-Charlois! There’s a nice mix of people and a village feel. Sometimes there’s too much rubbish on the streets, but I'm glad my son feels at home here too. I have a studio on Gouwstraat. It’s a misconception that we’re far from the centre, and the artists in the area – W1555, Varia, Wolf coffee and the Nieuw Charlois gallery make it an even nicer place.

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