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Top 10 tips for reducing your gas-bill

From the Buurtbrief November 2022:

the best 10 from the brainstorm session "How to reduce the use"with a group W1555 residents


Put a timer on max. 5 minutes before you turn on the shower. The average duration for a shower is 9 min. 4 minutes less can save you more than 200 euros on a yearly base.


Get the best out of your CV (Central Heating) system so that you don’t lose too much energy. The water pressure in the system should be between 1 and 2. Make sure there is no air in your heating system. Air in the system reduces effective heating.


Optimize your CV (Central Heating) settings to save energy. Turn the water temperature down and make the pump work slower.


Put aluminum (isolation foil) behind your radiator. Only behind the radiators that are connected to outside walls.


Hang thick (velvet) curtains for your windows, make sure they don’t cover your radiator, and put the end of the curtain on the window sill so that no cold air will escape into your room.


Turn the heater off/down one hour before you go to sleep.


Buy safety blankets and hang them between your window and curtains, the silver side inside, and gold on the outside (don’t forget to warn the police that you don’t have a Cannabis-farm).


Apartments with split levels and an open staircase hang a curtain at the opening.


Get yourself familiarized with Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hof’s practice. It includes cold showers. Note: at your own risk, the fittest will survive.


Stop listening to Coldplay!

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