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Recipe #5: Two ways with toast

From the W1555 Buurtbrief December 2023, by Honey & Antonio

Pa amb tomàquet

or pan tumaca is a signature dish in Catalunya and the north east of Spain, which is very common throughout the peninsula and southern France. It is a very straightforward dish that is often enjoyed for breakfast or as a light meal or starter.

You will need:
  • some bread

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 tomato

  • olive oil

  • salt

To prepare:

1 - Slice your bread for toasting to your preferred thickness. Any type of bread will do, but avoid sourdough with big holes.

2 - Toast your bread, as much as you like.

3 - While your bread is toasting, peel the garlic and cut longways.

4 - When your bread pops out, rub the flat bit of garlic on all the surface of the toast. If you like garlic a lot, keep rubbing; if you want less garlic, you can rub less.

5 - Take a nice red tomato and coarsely grate it on the toast. If you prefer you can grate it into a bowl and then spread it on your toast. Spread the grated tomato evenly on your toast (it should be quite watery).

6 - Drizzle a nice glug of olive oil over your tomato, making some nice little dots of oil.

7 - Add some salt and enjoy!

There are many variations possible on this toast. Some do less or more tomato, some add anchovies, cheese, or ham on top as well. National debates have ensued about what “the true” version of the dish is… for some the debate itself is the reason for the dish to exist. However, please note, the trick is to be quick so that the toast stays warm ;)

Welsh Rarebit of Caws Pobi 

On the 3rd of September every year this traditional dish from Wales has it’s national celebration. Posing itself as a much improved cheese on toast, this can be eaten any time of the day and has been popular since the 1500s, where it emerged from the South Wales Valleys.

You will need:
  • bread for toasting (2 slices)

  • 60ml brown ale / a nice stout / a good strong triple

  • butter (12g)

  • flour( 12g)

  • Cheddar cheese (coarsely grated, 70g)

  • mustard (half a teaspoon/1 teaspoon according to your taste)

  • Worcester sauce (a few shakes)

To prepare:
  1. Toast a thick slice of bread. 

  2. Warm the ale slightly in a small saucepan (don’t let it boil!). Set aside. 

  3. In another pan, melt the butter, mix in the flour, and then slowly whisk in the ale (make sure you don’t have lumps!) 

  4. Whisk in the cheese so that it melts and makes a thick sauce.

  5. Stir in the mustard and Worcester sauce. 

  6. Pour sauce over toasts, and then put under a very hot grill (it’s a good idea to place them on a baking sheet) for 1-2 minutes or until bubbling and a little brown. 

  7. Serve and enjoy piping hot, with the remaining beer in a glass.

portrait of Honey & Antonio by Brihanna (12)

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