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Lightboxes Exhibition Opening: July 7

In June the light boxes in the Wolphaertstraat made a comeback and were filled with art again. On behalf of the W1555 Culture Group, Danijel Stoiljkovic (Higf+) curated the nine light boxes with works of three local and international artists.

We are happy to invite you to the Lightboxes Exhibition Opening, this Friday July 7 at 9 p.m., and celebrate with us! During the street party, the sun will set and you can witness the effect of the lightboxes both: in the light and in the dark.

The works that will be visible day and night are by Joost Vermeer (NL), Okus (CZ) and Vojislav Pavlovic (SRB). All three artists have a strong connection with the public space, which influences their artistic practice. Their works connect by the use of different media being layered onto each other, creating abstract images that connect with topics such as infrastructure, architecture and city life.

The artworks presented on the lightboxes are cropped details of existing or site-specific works. The inspiration for it came from the lightboxes themselves. As non-organic objects that are added to the street, they interfere with your view, kind of like snippets of something popping up in the corner of your eye.

See you next Friday! Culture Group

Poster design by W1555 residents: Marie & Xiaoyuan

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