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In the spiritual corner #2

From the Buurtbrief November 2022, by Birds WG

A Powerful New Year Ritual for Manifesting Your Wishes

The days around the change of the new year are very powerful from a spiritual point of view. They are like a window for manifesting our wishes and desires. It is the right time for " ask for it and you will get it" kind of thing. This is the reason why in a lot of cultures, during this period, we ask children to tell us what they want and we get it for them!

Or maybe it is because we do that in many parts of the world that this collective vibrational opportunity has been created. The universe also learns from us.

I will share with you here a powerful process of creating your wish list for next year's manifestations:

  • on the 24th of December in the late afternoon/evening, after you have chanted/meditated/did your breathing exercises or whatever it is that makes you focus in yourself (and before you start with the wine;) write 13 wishes, things you desire for 2023 in 13 pieces of paper. Then fold old the papers and put them in a box/jar etc.

  • starting on the same night (24th), pick one wish every night from the box, read it and put it under your pillow, sleep on it.

  • every morning, burn the paper and throw the ashes on the roots of a tree or in the water. Make sure to write every wish in your notebook along with any dreams you had the night before or any other thoughts.

  • The universe will take care of the first 12 wishes. You literally don't have to lift a finger! And you can remember this throughout the year, every time you get anxious about one of these wishes, that the universe will be taking care of that one!

  • The last wish, on the 5th of January, you do not burn it, you keep it at a special place for the whole year (I usually burn it on the New Year’s Eve of the following year). This last wish is your responsibility! You will have to take action throughout the year to make it come true. You have to work on it!

(Keep this in mind on the 24th when you are writing the wishes, that one of them will be for you to take care of, so the wishes that you write should be things that you can potentially take action for).

This process is like a deal you make with the universe: you take care of one wish and the universe takes care of the rest. As you can imagine, for the deal to work, it is essential that you keep your part of the deal and work on that last wish!

What this process offers is:

  • It will help you to focus on one thing over the year, knowing that the universe will take care of everything else.

  • It releases resistance towards the things that we desire by cultivating a trust in the universe and our sense of unity with it.

  • It will bring you closer to the vibration of gratitude, as you will watch one by one your wishes coming true in miraculous ways.

  • It will help you exercise your "deserving muscle”: That you deserve to be happy ;)

  • It is a fun holiday activity for the whole family!

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