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Report: Tegelwippen May 13!

On May 13th, the residents of W1555, together with Buurderij Op Zuid (one of our social renters), organized the annual Green garden day as part of the NK Tegelwippen.

After last years greening one side of the street, it was the other side's turn this year. The neighbors across the street were asked in advance if they also wanted a facade garden. Because there is a lot of sun on this side of the street, it can cool the ground floor apartments by a few degrees when the facade is covered by greenery.

We received many enthusiastic responses and 5 new facade gardens have been added that the neighbors will take good care of. The existing facade gardens have also been refurbished with beautiful plants from Stadskwekerij de Kas and more climbing plants have been planted. We could organise this day thanks to Opzoomer Mee.

For the time being, we have not yet finished making the Wolphaertstraat green, because ultimately we want our street to become a green and cool oasis. To be continued!

photography: Inouschka de Nooijer

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