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Applications Open Call Public Artwork

As W1555, we are happy to share the applications we have received for the open call of our first public artwork commission which will be placed on the red facade at the beginning of Wolphaertstraat (15). We invite you to be part of this decision process and vote for one of the projects below.


1. Lobke van Aar

"I would like to create a composition of all kinds of human figures in 3D that together symbolise the multicultural diversity of Oud-Charlois."


2. Escuela Garaje

Garage School

"We want to propose a temporary school, free and open to all in the cultural space of W1555, to continue a collective design process."


3. Ulufer Çelik

Regen van Kralen

"May the 'Rain of Beads' (sequin wall) help us protect our street from Nazar - Evil Eye, while bringing us happiness, abundance and protection!"


4. Dario D'Aronco

Hey Mum

"'Hey, Mum' - is dedicated to all the women, mothers and children living in Wolphaertstraat, in Charlois, in Rotterdam, in the world."


5. Petar Tuskan

Persistence is all

"In an ever-growing city led by cultural workers and civic associations, perseverance is everything. A neon light board with changing colours."


6. Mikołaj Stojanowicz

Samen Chillen op zuid

"In this project, I want to create a transmedia mural that encourages the viewer to learn more about the spirit of Old Charlois and its people."


7. Marwan Ai Anaki

Trojaanse olifanten

"Trojan elephants combined with a web application that provides a storytelling portal for the artwork. It shows different movements and effects."


8. Maurice van Es & Luka Karssenberg

Binoculair fotoalbum van Wolphaertstraatmensen

"A work put together in collaboration with the neighbourhood. It consists of a collection of personal photos, the favourite photos of all the neighbourhood residents."


9. Eddy Kaijser

Het madeliefje

"The flower is made of local recycled plastic possibly together with residents we collect plastic from the neighbourhood."


10. Riq Etiq

"The different materials used to depict the figures each react differently to weather conditions. Just like us: human beings. Everyone reacts differently to what we experience."


11. Martijn Koolstra


"A drawn interpretation of a jam session on drums"

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