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African Baobab massage at WOLk

From W1555 Neighbourhood newsletter of March 2024, by Lobke

Very talented W1555 resident Vincent Malambo moved to Wolphaertstraat in March 2022. Besides being a father and an artist, he’s also a massage therapist. Vincent! Tell us your story!

So Vincent – you’re a masseuse! What kind of massage do you do? 

I practice traditional African holistic and spiritual massages, which are energising full body treatments. My treatments are relaxing, detoxifying, and will give you a burst of new energy all at the same time – I recommend African massage for everyone to heal physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

And how did you get into massage therapy? 

I’ve been learning since I was 14 years old – it’s in the family! I grew up in Zambia, where my grandmother taught me traditional healing and massage techniques. In my family we massage each other, and that was such a great experience for me, so I wanted to make it my profession. Powerful massages can help people to connect to their inner self, and bring them closer to who they really are, and that makes me so happy.

I’m so curious, what’s a session like?  

I always start with a cup of tea and a chat, because I think it’s important that people feel safe. Once the treatment starts, I use touch combined with Kora music, ethically sourced Baobab seed oil and my personal signature – a 'tribal choreography' of handmade instruments from different African tribes with movements on the body. Come by and experience the Baobab African massage for yourself!

Check out the different treatments Vincent offers at

SPECIAL OFFER! You can book an hour-long Baobab African Massage with Vincent at Wolk (Wolphaertstraat 19) for just €50 (new clients only, usual price is €60)

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