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Place in the hood #1: Eetlokaal Hof van Charlois

From the Neighbourhood Letter December 2023, by Lobke

During a walk around the block, we discovered a new lunchroom in the neighborhood: Eetlokaal Hof van Charlois! They are located in the stately Old Council House on Charloisse Kerksingel 2. You can go there for coffee, a bite - such as a sandwich, uitsmijter (cheese and/or ham & eggs on sliced bread), American Pancakes - and a chat. It's a social project and the prices reflect that.

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Sander, Damian, Nadia Sander Lenselink and Nadia Baddouri run 'Eetlokaal Hof van Charlois' together. They work with young people with mild disabilities because they believe everyone has talent and value. Through coaching and training, they offer them space to develop and gain self-confidence. To then go out into the wide world.

They work with local products, so there is not always the same thing on the menu. They are inspired by the various cuisines that Charlois has to offer.

Sander and Nadia's project was born out of intrinsic motivation. Both Nadia and Sander have come a long way to be where they are today. Sander: "I did it on my own. It would have been nice to have someone there, at certain times. AND the building where we are located is too nice to leave empty."

Eetlokaal Hof van Charlois

Charloisse Kerksingel 2

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